Jatra actor Daitari Panda denies involvement with woman claiming to be wife

Balasore: Jatra actor Daitari Panda has denied involvement with the woman who has claimed to be his wife. Speaking on the allegations for the first time today, Panda said “There is no truth in the claims made by the woman. All claims are false. It seems the handiwork of a few narrow-minded people who want to drag me into conspiracy.”

Panda further said that he will cooperate if there is an investigation into the matter.

Earlier, a woman named Latarani Panda claimed to be the wife of Daitari Panda. As per the woman, they had developed an amorous relationship during their work as jatra actors. She is currently a mother of two.

Meanwhile, Simulia Police has registered a case based on the complaint of the woman and has launched an investigation.