Jail Superintendent’s hubby caught on cam using Jail PC

Balasore: A video of the husband of Nilgiri Sub-Jail superintendent Mamtabala Patra, working in the computer inside the jail premises has reportedly gone viral on social media. Soon after the incident drew criticism from various sectors, Patra clarified saying she had taken the help of her husband as the system had developed some mechanical breakdown.

The video showed Patra’s husband, Madhabananda Jyotish and another person working in the computer inside the office of the jail.

“My husband has never come to my chamber. The system is in another room and whenever there is software or any other issues in the machine, I call my husband or any other person available to help me fix it,” Patra defended herself.

Further, Patra alleged that she had written a letter to a contractor asking him to submit details on certain supplies being ordered in the jail. “This might be his conspiracy to take revenge on me,” the superintendent alleged.