ITI students make ‘Predator’ model out of scrap materials

Berhampur: Scraps can be used to create beautiful things and the students of Berhampur Government ITI have proved this by recreating the Hollywood’s popular science fiction character, the ‘Predator’ with discarded vehicle spare parts.

The students are now working on the replica of the predator at the institute’s scrap museum. The sculpture is reportedly 12 feet high and weighs 550 kg.

Several scrap materials like tractor engine, gears, trucks, motorcycle bearings, shock absorbers and chains have been used to come up with the sculpture. Special training is being provided by the institute for the smooth completion of the project and make the students more efficient in technical field.

The ITI authorities including fitters, wielders and painters are also helping out the students in the project.

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The ITI authorities informed that the Predator sculpture will be dedicated to residents of Berhampur after its completion. This will also be a centre of attraction and help people to understand such modern and technical art.

Principal of the institute, Rajat Kumar Panigrahy said that this will make people aware and understand art in detail and will also attract students towards technical studies.

“This is a technical art and we are promoting it. We are using electrode and scrap materials. We are trying to give a message that various attractive and beautiful things can be created by using such scrap materials,” Panigrahy added.

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From models of JCB machines, fighter helicopters, Sudarshan chakra, tanks, missiles, trains and watches, the students have also come up with various utilities using old tyres. All the models created the students have been displayed at the museum in the institute.

“This will help the students in developing an artistic brain and increase their interest towards technical studies. Students are showing great enthusiasm towards making several models,” said instructor, Gopalkrushna Rath.

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Besides gaining more practical knowledge, such innovations will help students to acquire more knowledge and also help in their skill development.

“We are making an iron robot by using the scrap materials left over in the workshop like cranks, bearings, iron rod and steel plates,” said a student.