Is mysterious animal back? 5 more sheep killed in Odisha’s Salepur

Cuttack: While the mystery surrounding the deaths of sheep in Odisha continues, five more sheep were mysteriously found dead in Lunahara village under Salepur block of the district late last night.

The carcasses of the sheep were found inside the cattle shed of one Rabindra Behera this morning while a few others were seen critically injured. It is suspected that the sheep were killed by some ‘mysterious animal’ that seems to be on the prowl in the area.

The local villagers further informed that they spotted some pug marks near the shed, which they claim is different from the wild animals that are frequently spotted close to human settlements.

Meanwhile, panic gripped Salepur area as such type of animal attack has been reported for the first time here.

The incident has brought back memories of the mysterious animal and sheep-killing spree in Niali area of the district last year where more than 300 sheep were killed in just a span of two months.

The residents have also informed the district administration about the matter while further investigation is on, sources said.