Indravati canal fails farmers, drought in Dharmagarh

Dharmagarh: Hundreds of farmers have been hit hard under their belt by severe sought in the entire sub-division. Kharif crops on hundreds of acres of land have been completely destroyed pushing the farmers to the lurch. Compounding the crisis of the farmers, they complain, is the faulty planning and construction of the Indravati canal which fails to provide water to the fields.

Uncertain and scanty scanty rainfall have resulted in droughts in most parts of the state. In Dharmagarh subdivision alone 70 percent crops have already been damaged. farmers resent the fact that though crores were spent for the construction of the Indravati canal, it has not been able to mitigate their woes owing to faulty planning and erection work.

The district agriculture office has already sent a team to assess crop loss as directed by the district collector following requests by hundreds of farmers. Even officials concede that there was fault in the construction of the canal.The farmers had thought that the Indravati canal would be a boon for them. But that dream now stands shattered.