IMD predicts less rainfall due to El Nino

Bhubaneswar: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has smelled less rainfall this year as the developing El Nino may affect the monsoon. However, a clear picture on the phenomenon will be ascertained within two or three days, weather officials said.

“El Nino is likely to be developed during the monsoon season. It may affect normal rainfall in the State. If it occurred, agriculture may be affected, Sarat Sahoo, director of the Regional Meteorological Department, said.

The Pacific Ocean has continued to warm which spell the onset of El Nino. American weather centre, Climate Prediction Center (CPC) and Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted an El Nino this summer. CPC, in an advisory on March 30, reiterated its earlier prediction of a 50%-60% chance of an El Nino continuing into this summer. The agency has declared weak El Nino conditions are already present in the Pacific.

Similarly, the Australian agency, which had put t an El Nino ‘watch’ alert earlier in March, said all international climate models monitored by it were predicting that El Nino thresholds will be reached or exceeded by mid-year.

According to Met scientists, El Nino system is developed over atmosphere when warm-neutral conditions persist in east-central Pacific Ocean. It created low pressure area over the region resulting in heavy rainfall. The amount of water vapor coming from Pacific to India becomes less due to rain under El Nino and it brings less rainfall than normal to the country.