Identify black spots & install speed breakers on NH: CP to Traffic Cops

Bhubaneswar: After five persons were killed in separate road mishaps in Bhubaneswar within a span of three days, Twin City Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty today directed the traffic officials to identify black spots on the National Highway passing through Cuttack-Bhubaneswar and subsequently install speed breakers in these vulnerable zones on the NH. This apart, Mohanty has directed the traffic cops to regulate the speed of vehicles by using interceptors on the roads, wherever necessary.

Modern Radar technology and CCTVs under the jurisdiction of the Police Commissionerate are yet to be operationalised. We have decided to use barriers and other methods to reduce high speeding of vehicles on the highway. Apart from that we have also decided to use the road interceptors and identify the black spots by coordinating with the RTO to keep a check on the rise of road accidents,

— Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty.

The orders have been initiated in order to check further road mishaps in near future.

The flyovers in the capital city have become whirls of death zones as a number of road mishaps were reported in last few days. Sources claimed in the last three days, five deaths have been registered following road accidents on various over-bridges in Bhubaneswar.

A man was killed and his son sustained critical injuries after the two-wheeler they were riding was hit by a speeding vehicle on Acharya Vihar over-bridge in Bhubaneswar. The collision was so severe that the duo was thrown off the bridge that was 30 feet above the ground. While the man died on the spot, the critically injured boy was immediately rushed to the hospital.

A couple of days ago, two different road accidents had claimed three lives in the city.

Reportedly, two persons were killed while another person was rushed to SCB hospital in critical condition after being hit by a speeding truck on Nayapalli flyover in Bhubaneswar. The truck driver is absconding.

Roads have become prone to accidents due to rise in number of automobiles but until commuters use hemets and seat belts, mishaps are bound to happen

— local resident of Bhubaneswar.

“Triple-riding and driving without safety equipments are taking toll the lives of people but the administration is helpless because people are not ready to take protective measures,” said another resident.

Last year, the State witnessed a whopping 10 percent rise in the number of road accidents. Government reports in February revealed that 4,900 persons died in road accidents in 2016-17 in Odisha while the number went up to 5,300 in 2018 raising questions on the impact of various road safety programmes.

It is pertinent to note that the CP had earlier identified various black spots in Bhubaneswar and had organised various awareness programmes on road rules and traffic regulations among the students and drivers in the smart city.