Humanity Goes For A Toss: Onlookers Shoot Videos As Accident Victim Dies Crying For Help

Bhadrak: The term ‘Humanity’ seemed lacking big time with the onlookers near Sahapur Square on the National Highway-16 in Bhadrak district when they turned mute spectator and started recording the plight of an accident victim as he gradually embraced death.

The gut wrenching sight of the man in angst pulling out every bit of his remaining energy to cry for help would make most passerby to stop and offer help, but to the misfortune of that man, nobody passing by offered help, rather shot videos and clicked pictures through their mobile phones which as some said, looked a bit sadistic.

As per reports, a cement laden truck ran over a bike near Sahapur Square in Bhadrak. While the rider reportedly escaped unhurt, the pillion rider wasn’t lucky enough as he came under the wheels of the truck. The injury was so severe that the entire road was soaked in blood as he cried for his dear life in front of the onlookers.

The people who stood there like stones, did one thing right though; they didn’t forget to inform the police which came and took the victim to the hospital. But sadly it proved to be too late as the hospital authorities declared him brought dead.

A lot of people conveyed their grief at the death of the victim, but his life could have been saved, had they took him to the nearest hospital immediately without wasting time on shooting videos.

Atish Kumar Behera, a member of Road Safety Committee in the district, who described the attitude of the onlookers as terrifying and apathetic, said, “Looking at the indifferent nature of the passersby, we have pasted banners and posters in RTO, Office of the Collector and other public places announcing that Rs 2000 is being provided by the government as a cash reward for those volunteers who take these kind of accident victims to hospital.”

Khitish Samanta Behera, the State Secretary of National Human Rights Commission said, “The action of the passersby is despicable. A civilised society doesn’t allow such kind of inhuman behaviour. The district administration should take strict action against them for not helping that man.”