Housewife hit by a bullet when walking on terrace

Bhubaneswar: In a strange incident, a housewife on Sunday sustained gun-shot injury while she was on the terrace of her house at Paiknagar area in the state capital, police said.

The incident took place while Samita Das was on the terrace of her house this morning and the bullet from an unknown source hit her.

"I felt something hit my right hand. I rushed to hospital where doctors removed the bullet," Das, a mother of two children, said.

Das`s husband Parthasarathi Das is a businessman. "We do not know who actually opened fire at my wife. We have no enemy," he said.

Meanwhile, a team of policemen searched the nearby apartments and high rise buildings to nab the culprit. "We doubt, the bullet was fired from a long distance. The police are not sure whether the incident is an accident or deliberate one," said a policeman.

While the commissionerate of police was probing into the incident, the injured woman was discharged from hospital after removal of bullet from her hand.