Holy Trinity to relish ‘Adhara Pana’ today

Puri: A day after the Suna Besha, Lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra will be offered a special drink called ‘Adhara Pana’ in a special ritual on Tuesday evening.

The ‘pana’ is a rich drink prepared by the Mahasura servitors with milk, banana, cheese, aromatic spices and water. The water used to prepare the drink is collected by Pania Apat servitors from a well on the premises of Chhauni mutt near the Singhadwara.

As per rituals, the drink is offered to the deities in their respective chariots in nine large cylindrical-shaped pitchers, three for each deity. The one meter long pitchers are placed in a manner that it touches lips of the three siblings. Later, the ‘Sodasa Upachar’ is recited by the Pujapanda Samanta servitors following which the pana is offered to the holy Trinity.

Soon after the offering, the servitors break the earthen pitchers to allow the drink spill over the chariots. It is believed that evil spirits roaming around the chariots and the Lords consume this holy drink and attain ‘mokshya’ or salvation.

Meanwhile, preparations for the Adhara pana have started as the holy triads are atop the chariots on the Badadanda in front of the Singhadwara.

Major rituals like Sakala Alati, Mailama, Tadaplagi, Abakasha, Gopalaballav, Sakala Dhoopa have been conducted. Other rituals like Madhayna Dhoopa and Sandhya Alati will be conducted before the Adhar Pana.

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Lakhs of devotees from the State and abroad are thronging the Badadanda to witness the Adhara pana ritual.
“I feel so emotional. The mere sight of the Lords is so spellbinding that I do not have words to explain my feelings. The gold attire was magnetic and I won’t leave without seeing the Adhara pana rituals,” said a woman devotee.

Elaborate arrangements have been made by the Odisha police for maintaining law and order during the ritual. The Niladri bije, which marks the end of the Lord sojourn will be held tomorrow.