Hirsutism robs girl of happiness

Bhubaneswar: At an age when kids of her age are indulged in merriment, she is almost leading life under house arrest. Meet the seven-year-girl Iramani: she is affected with hirsutism or hyperactivity of male hormones called androgen.

People make a fun out of her when she ventures out. For this, she prefers to stay indoors so as to avoid embarrassment. She has abnormal hair growth on her face, back and other parts of the body.

Iramani who hails from Mayurbhanj district has consulted many physicians but poor economic condition of her parents has been an impediment to her treatment.

Iramani’s father who is a daily wage earner finds it a Herculean task to go for his daughter’s treatment.

“I need some financial help and support from the state government as well as from all brothers and sisters to cure my daughter from this disease”, said Iramani’s father.

Though timely treatment could in fact cure the abnormality, the parents are a worried lot as to from where they would arrange funds for their daughter’s treatment.

A city-based dermatologist said, the abnormal condition of Iramani is treatable.

The condition of Iramani refreshes the memories of Revati, a hirsutism affected girl from Boudh, who also underwent similar experience. However, she has been almost relieved of her abnormality after treatment.