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Heights Of Medical Negligence! Broken Needle Left Inside Body Of Boy

Angul: A broken needle allegedly left inside the body of a three-year-old boy while he was administered injection by a nurse at Madhapur Hospital under Athamallik block in the district, a month ago, was safely removed today.

According to reports, Sitakant Panda of Mohankhali village admitted his three-year-old son Swayamjit to Madhapur Hospital for treatment, where a nurse named Poonam Hansda administered him with an injection for fever.

Few days later when Swayamjit complained of pain in his lower back, his father took him to the hospital. However, the doctor send them back saying that it was due to antibiotics and prescribed them to rub ice on the area.

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But last night, as the pain became unbearable for Swayamjit, his father brought him once again to Madhapur hospital but since it was closed, he took him to a local Ayush doctor Shantunu Patnaik.

To their surprise, the doctor found that a sharp object has been stuck inside the boy’s body. Later, Swayamjit was taken to Madhapur hospital today morning where doctors removed a broken needle from his body.

Meanwhile, Swayamjit has been taken to Angul District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) for further treatment

Family members of the boy suspect that the nurse who administered the injection to the boy a month ago allegedly botched up the syringe and in the process, a part of the broken needle got stuck inside the body of the boy.

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