Health Dept. to prepare blue print on antimicrobial resistance

Bhubaneswar:  The office of National Health Rural Mission (NHRM) on Thursday while observing the World Health Day here showed solidarity with World Health Organisation  which dedicated  this year as the year of antimicrobial resistance.

The health officials present on the occasion took up the issue of combatting the spread of antimicrobial resistance and addressed to the grave issues related to the overuse of antibiotics and decided to prepare a blue print on it. 

It is feared that once people get resistant to these antibiotics, it will be extremely hard for them to fight out the dreaded diseases like TB, Cancer and AIDS.

“The mindless buying of antibiotics now might result in the non-availability of antibiotic drugs in the near future,” apprehended Anu Garg, Health Secretary, Government of Orissa.

Considering the indiscriminate use of the antibiotic drugs among all age groups and the wide spread usage of antibiotics bought over the counter, the possibility is most of the people might develop a kind of resistance which could be highly fatal in the times to come.