Health care in disarray due to lack of doctors, beds in Bhadrak DHH

Bhadrak: Lack of doctors and inadequate infrastructure have completely paralysed the health care services at the Bhadrak District Headquarters Hospital.

Patients and their attendants have complained that they have to wait for hours for the doctor to arrive. With less number of doctors, their problems have doubled as there is a shortage of beds at the hospital, sources said.

More than 1500 indoor and outdoor patients visit the hospital every day, however, lack of adequate number of doctors have raised questions on the hospital administration.

Moreover, the patients have complained of inadequate sitting arrangement at the hospital.

“We had come with a patient but there are no beds here. If people who come here from rural areas face problems due to inadequate facilities at the hospital, where do we go for treatment? What is the point in having a hospital if we can’t get treatment here,” alleged Nanda Kishore Barik, a patient’s relative.

Pratap Dash, a local resident said, “This hospital is way backward in terms of providing health care services. There are always problems of doctors, staff, pathology and other services. There is neither adequate number of doctors nor beds to accommodate over 1500 patients who visit the hospital.”

The hospital also attracts patients from nearby areas however,owing to these problems at the hospital they have started to look at other hospitals for their health needs, sources added.

Meanwhile, Bhadrak Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) Abdul Rashid informed that they have apprised the government about inadequate number of doctors in comparison to the number of patients visiting the district hospital.

Rashid said, “The hospital has 68 posts for doctors, however, only 32 are currently posted. There is only one Medicine specialist and one Orthopaedic specialist at the hospital. Work for another district hospital nearby will begin soon which will accommodate the large number of patients here.”