HC upholds enrolment process of Sikhya Sahayaks

Cuttack: The Odisha High Court on Tuesday upheld the ongoing process of recruitment of Sikhya Sahayaks by the state government.

More than 50 petitions had been filed by individuals and associations questioning the eligibility criteria fixed by the government in recruiting the Sikhya Sahayaks.

The single-judge bench of Justice H S Bhalla, adjudicating over all the petitions, upheld the contention of the state government in formulating the recruitment policy of these teachers.

As per a notification issued in January this year, the state government was in the process of recruiting as many as 24,000 Sikhya Sahayaks for the state to run the Central government scheme of Free and Compulsory Education for All.

While the government had fixed different educational qualification for different categories of posts with minimum qualification being Plus II with Certificate Teacher (CT) course, petitions were filed in the High Court seeking a stay in the recruitment process, claiming that the government had arbitrarily fixed the eligibility criteria.