Habishyali suffers broken leg at Puri Srimandir

Puri: A 70-year-old Habishyali broke her leg after a barricade fell on her at Puri Srimandir due to heavy rush of devotees during ‘Mangala Alati’ of Lord Jagannath today morning.

The injured Habishyali has been identified as Bilasini Behera, who was admitted to district headquarters hospital. Behera is a resident of Balitutha area under Markandapur of the pilgrim town.

“When the gate was opened for darshan we were in the front. Later, the barricade fell on her and many people stepped over it following which she broke her leg,” Krushnapriya, a relative of the injured Bilasini, said.

According to sources, due to lack of proper security arrangements, a stampede like situation arose. Nearly 2,500 Habishyalis have come to Puri to observe ‘Habisha Brata’ during the holy month of Kartika.