Habishyalis throng Puri Srimandir as holy month of Kartika begins

Puri: Habishyalis thronged Puri Srimandir with the beginning of the Holy month of Kartika from today. It is believed that devotees (Habishyalis) who undertake pilgrimage to Puri Srikhetra and take part in ‘snana’ at ‘Tirtha Puskarini’ in this month receive ultimate salvation.

As per reports, the places, where Habishyalis have been put up, are facilitated with Mahaprasad and other puja items needed to perform rituals.

The police and firefighters have been kept on stand-by for security reasons while doctors and ambulances have been posted for round-the-clock health emergencies.

“Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to assist Habishyalis to travel in buses provided by the Puri Regional Transport Office (RTO) to and from Puri Srimandir. In the entire 30 days, fruits will be served to Habishyalis for two days while Mahaprasad will be served for the rest of the days,” said Jyoti Prakash Das, Puri District Collector.

“All arrangements have been made for Habishyalis for smooth conduct of the rituals,” Vinay Das, ADM Puri said.

This year, the government has made arrangements for 2,500 Habishyalis at four places – Puri Jatri Nivas, Railway Kalyan Mandap, Jagannath Ballabh Matha and Mochi Sahi Kalyan Mandap.

More than 1,300 Habishyalis will stay at Puri Jatri Nivas and Railway Kalyan Mandap. Similarly, arrangements have been made for more than 1,000 Habishyalis at Jagannath Ballabh Matha and Mochi Sahi Kalyan Mandap.