Greenery all the way on books in Rayagada

Rayagada: Concerned over depleting forest cover and ramifications of global warming, governments and NGOs have been extensively campaigning to save the planet. But, it seems the green message is concealed only on records here as implementation of afforestation projects has yielded little results here.

On government records, the green cover has been fortifying in Kashipur block here. Around 70, 000 saplings were provided to people from 17 villages under this block from the Barangpas nursery. The programme was supposed to create green patch over 555 hectare of land.

When contacted, the officials at the helm of affairs said the matter would be investigated.

However, the villagers allege that lack of motivation on the part of government officials has failed the afforestation project in the area.

Notably, the state government has been emphasizing on plantation and afforestation projects as the state is prone to natural calamities. Since last few years, the state has been confronting untimely rains, drought, and cyclone among others.