Govt urges OERC to reconsider order on reconnection fees

Bhubaneswar: The state government today urged Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) to reconsider its order on payment of reconnection charge of Rs 150 for Low Tension (LT) single phase domestic consumers in the event the consumer fails to pay the electric charges for two consecutive months.
The state government has requested the OERC to keep the order in abeyance for at least one year.
"It has come to notice of the government that CESU has imposed Rs 150 towards reconnection charge to its LT single phase domestic consumers who fail to pay the electric charges for consecutive two months," said Energy secretary P K Jena in a letter to OERC.
Jena said under the prevailing situation it may not be proper to impose reconnection charges in CESU franchise area for non-payment of electric charges for two consecutive months.
The energy secretary pointed out that most of the consumers are not well off. "Imposition of additional fees could led to lack of confidence of consumers on the state government," Jena said in the letter.