Governor lauds anti-poverty measures of Odisha govt

Bhubaneswar: Governor SC Jamir on Tuesday praised the Odisha government for its sustained efforts to bring down poverty in the state.

“The state government is progressively increasing resource allocation to various state plans activities to ensure socio-economic development of the poor people,” he said while addressing the opening day of the budget session of the 15th State Assembly here.

Lauding the pro-poor policy of the state government, he said the government has increased allocation for KBK districts under Biju KBK Yojana despite reduction in Central assistance.

Besides, the state government has taken steps to extend road and railway connectivity in remote and inaccessible areas of the state. It has also provided banking services for the people in remote areas, he informed.

“The efforts of the state government have thrown up new challenges of qualitative life in the changing times,”

“My government is following this new behavioural trend in constantly improvising in aligning governance measures so as to ensure a better governed society,” he pointed out.

Speaking on severe drought situation in the state last year, the governor said the state government had proactively responded to the challenge by initiating quick damage control measures and successfully minimised the cascading effect on the farmers and their family in the state.

“To bail out the farmers who sustained huge loss due to drought, the state government has provided subsidy worth Rs 519.3 crore with a special drought package of Rs 1000 crore for them. Apart from this, the government has also put the revenue and debt collection from the farmers on hold for three years,” he added.

Referring to the growth of technology in the state, Jamir said “We are living in an era which is technology driven. So it is imperative for all of us to assimilate such technology that has positive impact on our living standards”.

Highlighting the economic growth in the state, he said the aim of the state government is to achieve 9 percent growth during the 12th Plan period and set a new norm to achieve this target.

On the Maoist situation in the state, the governor said due to prompt action taken by the state police by constant monitoring their activities and launching combing operation with the Central forces, the activities of the Red Rebels have drastically come down in the Southern and Western districts of the state.

Talking about law and order, he said the state government had taken special measures to deal with the crimes against women by setting up investigating units for crimes against women set up in seven police districts.

“To ensure harsh punishment for the criminals, the government has made provisions for high conviction rate. Besides, the government, as part of its efforts, has reinforced the state police with appointment of additional policemen.

The governor also appreciated the relentless efforts of the state government in successfully organising the first Nabakalebara of this new millennium as a result of which over lakhs of people around the globe could peacefully witness the eventful yatra.