Ganjam Turning Into Gambling Den

Berhampur: The district of Ganjam seems to be turning into a gambling den with rising number of cases of illegal betting coming to fore.

Illegal betting activities to make quick bucks are rampant during festival season like Durga Puja. In the last two months, more than 20 cases of gambling have been reported from the district.

In Berhampur, eight gambling dens have been raided in recent times and more than 100 gamblers have been arrested.

“Although the police carry out crackdown at regular intervals, gambling activities regain their root within no time. There is need of strong action to curb the gambling menace,” said Dipak Patnaik, an advocate.

Such rise in illegal gambling activities is having a devastating effect on several lives. Speaking about how gambling ruined his life, Lingaraj Samal of Sriram Nagar in Berhampur said, “Once I had a three-room house. I was maintaining my family smoothly by running a wholesale business. Now, I have nothing. I bet all my property in gambling. Now, I am selling potatoes in a trolley. I appeal all to not get attracted towards betting.”