Gang war spreading its tentacles in twin cities

Bhubaneswar: The recent spurt in crime rate in twin cities put the pointer towards gang war for conflict of interests among them.

The recent fatal attack on notorious criminal Bibeka Sahu alias Chaga in Cuttack indicates that there have been hide and seek among the groups over collection of payoffs, ransom, tender fixing and other crimes. The real estate operators top the list of soft targets among others.

As per reports, there are as many as nine groups active in the twin cities who resort to various means to maintain their dominance in the crime world.

The groups—Hyder gang, Tito gang, Suleiman gang, Anil Chhotray gang, Raja Acharya gang, Sushil Dhalsamant gang, Sushant Dhalsamant gang, Prashant Sahu gang, Madhav Khuntia gang, Jugo Kanungo gang, and other groups are active in their respective territories.

In the recent fallout, around six people have been killed in the gang war.

Let us have a look at few incidents of gang war in the recent past. Gangster Hyder and his aides gunned down brother of gangster Suleiman near Stewart School square here. Gangster Minza eliminated notorious criminal Padia in Cuttack. The members of Tito gang killed a close aide of gangster Raja Acharya, Gagan Mohanty. Tender fixing mafia Anil Chhotray had to lose an eye after Raja Acharya and his associates opened fire at him.