French girl in love with Odisha

Puri: She literally has fallen in love with Odisha, Odia language and its culture and traditions. The beauty of the land of Odissi dragged her here all the way from France.

Meet French girl Kamalatika. The way she sings Odia bhajans and traditional songs is simply mesmerising. Bhajans adoring Lord Jagannath are dearest to her heart. That is the reason why Kamalatika decided to stay in Puri and learn Odia language and Odissi dance and understand Odishan art and culture.

She is a dedicated disciple of Odissi guru Lingaraj Pradhan. She has completely transformed herself into an Odia woman. She dresses in Odia style, speaks fluently in Odia and eats traditional Odia dishes. Strangely she has already mastered the art of writing in Odia script.

The parents of Kamalatika are members of the ISKON. Kamalatika had a brush with Odisha as a child when she had come here with her parents. It was a kind of love at first sight with the place and its culture.

Given a choice Kamalatika says that she would love to stay in Odisha for ever. But she is not sure. She wills to popularise classical Odissi in her motherland France.