Fraud in Chandipur SBI customer care center, probe begins

Balasore: A three-member team of the State Bank of India (SBI) has started an inquiry into the alleged fraud at the bank’s customer care centre at Jhampura Bazaar in Chandipur here.

The inquiry is being conducted after customers alleged that money was fraudulently withdrawn from their accounts.

As per reports, one Gitanjali Singh of had open a bank account at the centre in 2016 and deposited Rs 39,900.  However, Gitanjali found that all her money was withdrawn from the account and lodged a complaint in this connection.

Not only Gitanjali, several other customers who had bank accounts also brought similar allegations against the centre.

“I had deposited the money by selling my cattle. When I went to withdraw the money, the bank staff told me that there is problem in Aadhaar finger print scanning for which money can’t be withdrawn. Later, I went to the main branch and found there was no cash in my account,” said Gitanjali.

On the other hand, owner of the bank’s customer care centre, Satyabrata Panigrahi said that the concerned personnel at the center have committed the crime and defrauded customers without his knowledge. He also assured that the affected customers will get their money back.

Bank’s Regional Manager, Biswanath Guru said, “People in the locality are illiterate and the staff might have taken advantage of it. We are inquiring the incident and will submit a report to the head office after which appropriate action will be taken on such fraud.”