For Dushmant it is marriage main twist now

Bhubaneswar: From the police station to the court room. The jilted lover of Ollywood actor Dushmant who claimed that the star had married her before his marriage was fixed with actress Kajal today filed two cases in the family court in the capital and demanded that the court should honour her marriage on the evidences produced by her.

In the first petition she has argued that the court should accord her the status of Dushmant`s legitimate wife on the basis of proofs submitted in her favour. In the second petition she appealed that the court must not accept kajal as Dushmant`s wife since she was already the actor`s real-life wife before his marriage was fixed with her. The girl produced the ring which she claimed was given to her by Dushmant at the time of their marriage. The petitioner`s lawyer Pravat Panda told that if necessary he woild produce the receipts provided by the temple trust where the marriage was solemnsised and some photographs depicting intimate moments between the two. He also said that he could produce witnesses of the marriage.

The girl in question first went to the Mahila police station, then staged dharna during the controversial reception party of Dushmant-Kajal(the duo is yet to marry officially) and finally approached the court. But while the drama continues on the streets, the Ollywood star has gone underground and remains untraceable.