Footage Of ‘Cattle Smuggling’ In Khurda A Warning Bell For Police!

Khurda: Is Odisha government zeroing in on any measures to tackle the illegal trade of cattle by the inter-state mafia? Amid numerous reports of cattle trafficking, a CCTV footage of a filling station in Kudiari area of Jatni in Khurda district showing some people lifting a cattle on to a pick up van has alarmed the locals as well as people in other districts.

The incident which has been captured by the CCTV reportedly happened late night at around 2 am. Much to the distress of the cattle owners, it is being said that every night around 4-5 cattle go missing. Reports further claimed that the miscreants involved in the illegal trade earn something between Rs 3000-5000 per cattle, thereby making huge money out of it.

The helpless cattle owners on the other hand, have alleged that neither police officials nor anyone from Animal Welfare Department has made any attempt to prevent the cattle trafficking prevalent in the area for many days.

The matter doesn’t end there. It has been alleged that these cattle are being trafficked to inter-state mafia who reportedly smuggle cattle from near Begunia-Bolagarh in Khurda to other places in and outside Odisha.

“The manner in which the cattle are being trafficked from Khurda region is inhumane. They are clearly violating the Cruelty To Animals Act and district administration should immediately look into the matter,” said Ajit Patnaik, an advocate.

“Cattle smuggling is rampant in the area and the traffickers pick up cattle from any place they like. People and more importantly the municipality should be cautious to check the informal trade. Strict laws should be enforced,” said Shakti Shankar Mishra, member, Go Raksha Samiti.

Police and district administration however could not be contacted over the issue.