Flu fear spreads to 12 districts

Bhubaneswar/Khurda: The fear of bird flu has gripped about a dozen districts in the entire state with increasing number of crows and pigeons dying under mysterious circumstances  even as culling of fowls continued in Kerang area of Khurda district for the second successive day to tackle the menace.

According to an estimate by the government reports of death of different kinds have been received from 12 districts so far and the number of dead crows stood at 563. Not just crows but also pigeons and ducks have been dying under mysterious circumstances. The report said that though 866 number of samples of blood serum have been sent for flu test since December 26, confirmative tests have been received regarding Kerang only.

Meanwhile, culling continued for the second consecutive day in Kerang and adjoing 19 villages to control spread of bird flu. Ten rapid action action teams comprising 80 members have been engaged in culling. The government has targeted to cull about 38,000 fowls. Over 13,000 birds have already been culled.