Fishermen peeved at govt instruction on security procedures

Kendrapara: Traditional marine fishermen along Dhamra-Paradip coast are peeved at government instructions asking them to bear the cost of remodelling their vessels to meet the standard coastal security procedures.

The remodelling work includes, among other things, displaying data, registration number and colour coding of the fishing vessels. The vessel owners, according to the instructions of the state Marine Fisheries Department, have to bear the cost. However, those earning a living by traditional sea fishing are in no mood to bear the additional costs.

The seven-month ban on marine fishing from November 1 to May 31 has affected the income of fishermen. The World Bank funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programme (ICZMP) to uplift their livelihood stakes has failed to yield the desired results. Marine fishermen said the additional burden is unwarranted and unjustifiable.

Meanwhile, traditional marine fishermen have urged the state Marine Fisheries Department to bear the cost for writing data on their fishing boats and vessels.

"The seven month prohibition has taken a heavy toll on their livelihood. The fish yield has also decreased. So, the additional cost will be a burden," said Tushar Kanti Sardar, Chief of local Traditional Marine Fishermen Association.