Fire breaks out in Rajdhani Express

Bhubaneswar: Yet again, fire broke out in Rajdhani Express, spreading panic among the passengers.

According to reports, fire erupted in a coach behind the engine of Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express on Friday morning.

According to passengers, fire broke out below the carriage and the smoke spread. The Railway security guard raised an alarm after seeing the fire. Later it was communicated to the driver of the train and it was stalled near Sasni station in Uttar Pradesh.

The railway officials with the help of local villagers tried to put out the fire. It took an hour to bring the fire under control. However, no one was injured in the incident.

The East Coast Railways (ECoR) has played down the incident saying, “We have confirmed that there was no fire, it was only smoke. Due to overheating of the brakes winding in the train, the smoke erupted causing panic among the passengers. This smoke led them to believe that there was fire,” East Coast Railway`s public relations officer, Nirakar Das said.

Earlier on April 19, four coaches of Mumbai- Delhi Rajdhani Express were gutted in fire near Alot and Thuriya Station in Madhya Pradesh.