Farmers protest token system in Sambalpur

Sambalpur: The district famous for its paddy had once earned reputation for regulated system of paddy collection and sale at the government run warehouses. But the scenario has changed this year. Paddy collection is yet to start in the district as the farmers have been protesting the introduction of token system. The farmers have stopped taking their crops to the warehouses and have threatened not to cooperate with the system till it is anulled.

As per the new system introduced by the government, the farmers have to collect tokens from the cooperative societies to sale their products at the warehouses. The farmers have to mention the amount of rice they were interested to sale. No farmer will be allowed to deposit his products at the warehouses. The government too has fixed a time frame for the farmers for selling paddy. Thousands of farmers have however opposed the new system introduced by the government bringing paddy collection to a grinding halt in the district. The farmers complained that they would be unnecessary loosers in the new system. The secretary of the Themra Cooperative Society however argued that there was nothing wrong in the token system and the apprehensions of the farmers were unfounded. Be that as it may, it is high time for the administration to find out a solution to the impase. Otherwise, the dalals and the middlemen would take advantage of the unwanted situation.