‘Fake’ doctor slits own throat after patient’s death

Bargarh: In a bizarre incident, a fake doctor slit his throat after a woman whom he had administered an injection died in Bargarh.

The fake doctor has been identified as Subodh Sahu from Bandutikra area of the district. He was treating one Labanga Sahu who was suffering from toothache.

After being administered an injection by Subodh, the woman lost her consciousness and later she died at the Bargarh medical. Following the incident, Subodh slit his throat at his clinic. Subsequently, he was admitted to Bargarh hospital.

“We came to know that the doctor slit his throat after one of his patients died. He was first admitted to district headquarters hospital, but later he was transferred to Burla medical,” Inspector-in-Charge of Bargarh Police Station, Bibhuti Bhushan Bhoi, said.

Bhoi added that a police investigation is currently underway.