Experts focus on energy conservation

Bhubaneswar: Energy conservation could help in annual capacity addition of 19,000 mw and carbon dioxide emission mitigation of approximately 100 million tones? in India by 2015, experts said today.

Energy was one of the major inputs for economic progress and 80 per cent of the world`s population living in developing countries consumed only 40 per cent of the planet`s total energy consumption, National Productivity Council deputy director R K Padhy told a seminar on energy conservation here.

The Centre had enacted the Energy Conservation Act keeping in view the high energy saving potential supply and reducing environmental emissions. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has identified about 685 designated consumers in the country responsible for 60 per cent energy consumption while four sectors — commercial buildings, street power, small and medium enterprises and agriculture, had enormous potential for power conservation.

Referring to Odisha, he said an audit conducted in 20 buildings in the state revealed that they had 18 to 47 per cent energy saving potential which in terms of cost was Rs six crore per annum. Inaugurating the seminar at the SOA Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), the faculty of engineering of the SOA University, University Vice-chancellor R P Mohanty said a national movement for energy conservation could significantly reduce the need for fresh investment in the energy sector in the years ahead.

B K Mishra, member of Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission said though Odisha had emerged from being an energy deficit state to become a power surplus one complancency by the authorities had again turned it into a deficit state. Erratic rainfall also posed a threat to hydel power generation, he added.