Estuarine crocodile caught alive

Kendrapara: Wildlife officials caught alive a 10-foot-long estuarine crocodile which trespassed into a village in close proximity of Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, forest officials said.

The reptile was spotted along the waterlogged crop fields of Padmanavpur village few days back. Later the itinerant species moved from one place to the other leaving the people in a state of panic, they said. Incidentally the animal had neither harmed humans nor livestock in the village.

After the locals informed us about act of trespass, the wildlife officials with a service group of fishermen expert in chasing crocodiles from water-bodies within the places of human habitations were on the job. It took four hours on part of the team to catch it alive through fishing nets," Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Divisional Forest Officer, Bhitarkanika Wildlife (mangrove) forest division, said.

It was a ten-feet long female salt-water crocodile. The animal had accidentally intruded into the human habitation area. It was also visibly scared as the crocodile could not find escape route to its original habitation corridors because of frequent human interference, he added.