Elephant menace in Sundergarh

Sundergarh: The villagers of Baurimunda under Rajpur panchayat under Subdega block have literally lost their sleep due to the intrusion of a herd of wild elephants comprising sixteen members. The elephants from Luharadhipa forests crossed over river Ib to intrude into the village.

More and more elephants in several parts of the state have been mitigating the difference between human and animal habitation in the last several years due mainly to shrinkage of habitable areas and scarcity of food items. The problem aggravates during paddy cultivation. The elephants target the paddy fields.

The sixteen elephants including six babies have already destroyed large areas of paddy fields in village Baurimunda."We are not able to sleep in the night out of fear from the elephants lest they would destroy our houses,"said villager Prabhu Sukani.

Child and old alike have been trying to drive away the elephants to tne forests but in vain. Instead the elephants have been moving towards the village resulting in a kind of war between the animals and the villagers for survival.