Elephant menace in Ganjam

Bhanjanagr: In several parts of Ganjam district it is a peculiar crisis for sustenance of life. The man facing the scourge of elephant. Take for example Jagannath Prasad range of North Ghumusar division of the forest department and several villages under the Buguda range of South Ghumusar divison. As the sun sets on the villages, an uneasy fear engulfs the entire areas. The residents keep counting every minute and hope it should not be another ill-fated night. The pachyderms keep creating havoc and the villagers complain that neither the forest personnel nor the policemen take any step to drive away the rampaging elephants.

The elephants trudge into the villages under the two forest ranges in search of food. The elephants have completely destroyed rabi crops like paddy and vegetables leaving the farmers to fend for themselves. Farmers complain that the forest department neither takes steps to drive away the pachyderms nor pay compensations for crop losses. The range officer of Jagannath Prasad range, Bijaya Kumar Pattanaik however said that no villager has ever lodged complaints and hence he is not aware about elephant menace. The residents and the farmers hence have to fight the menace on their own.