Elderly Teacher Found Begging On Odisha Streets

Though she was a light bearer of her students, Biswasi's future is in dark now

Sundergarh: She used to teach lessons of righteousness and encourage her students to help the needy, but none imagined that one day the same teacher would have to spend her old age without a roof on her head and survive by begging.

Biswasi Aaind, a resident of Mission Hata under Rajgangpur of Sundergarh district, was a teacher at NAC High School at Sector-16 in Rourkela.

Draped in a grubby saree, holding a dirty bag and a water bottle in her shaking hands, Biswasi is seen begging on the streets of Rajgangpur. Reportedly suffering from mental disorder, she doesn’t have anyone to look after her.

According to sources, Biswasi reportedly left teaching after she developed mental illness. At present, she spends her days begging in and around the local bus stand and sleeps at the nearest railway station during night.

Ask her identity and Biswasi says, “I have a house at Mission Hata. I have my mother, father, brothers and others. My husband is a Civil Engineer and works in office.”

Though the government has rolled out many plans and programmes, nothing seems to have touched Biswasi yet.

A local social activist Asish Satpathy said, “There are many programmes for mentally unstable people. It would be really helpful if the administration rescues and treats them so that they can return to the mainstream again.”

“After she developed mental disorder, she left teaching. She doesn’t stay at home and keeps on moving and begging,” informed a relative of Biswasi, Jonel Dhan.

“The matter has not come to my knowledge yet. If any such complaint comes, we have a welfare section in our district and block offices to help her. We will rescue and ensure her security,” said Rajgangpur Tehsildar, Rina Kumari Nayak.