Duty first! Nurse leaves wedding midway to attend unwell guests

Rourkela: What makes a great nurse? Caring nature and commitment or the dedication to leave own comfort to help others in times of need?  Premika Lakra, a resident of Rajgangpur area of Sundergarh district has certainly defined the true meaning of it.

Premika’s wedding ceremony with one Mangal recently has not only become the talk of the town but has become an inspirational one for everyone.

On April 19, as Premika was ready to take the holy pledge with Mangal at her residence in Lathopada, everything was set for the auspicious occasion with the teeming guests and joyous atmosphere. But unfortunately, her marriage party turned into a nightmare for many.

As many as 140 people, who ate food at the wedding party, were immediately rushed to Rajgangpur Government Hospital after they complained of stomach pain, vomiting and showed signs of suspected food poisoning.

Even though Premika’s wedding ceremony turned into a chaos, the most surprising part is that instead of sitting on the wedding mandap till the completion of ritual, Premika left the wedding and headed for the hospital to take care of the patients.

A nurse by profession, Premika, when asked about why she chose to skip her wedding, says, “Even though I was getting married, but people were taken ill during the ceremony so how could I continue. I am a staff nurse, so I could not help myself and rushed to the hospital to see how they are doing.”

Premika has been lauded with heaps of praises for her kind gesture and dedication.

“No matter how much we praise Premika it would be less to what she has done,” a local resident said.