Dumping yard at centre of Boudh town chocking residents

Boudh: Residents of Boudh town are living under the choking miasma of rotting garbage emanating from a dumping yard right in the middle of the city. Once the boating arena of Boudh king; the Gadakhai pond in the middle of the town has withered into a massive dumping yard not only marring the beauty of the town but also turning into a fertile ground for stench and disease.

The dumping of waste materials is burying the Gadakhai pond and the residents are allegedly suffering from malaria and other skin diseases due to unhygienic conditions.

“If Gadakhai had been preserved, it would have become a major tourist destination. However, the dumping of garbage in the area has made it a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” alleged Debashish Purohit, a resident of the town.

Krutibas Palia, another resident of the town said “The waste management is not there due to lack of sanitation staff resulting in accumulation of waste in the area.”

While the dumping yard is surrounded by many temples, educational and other important institutions, it hasn’t attracted the attention of the administration. While the government regulation doesn’t allow the existence of a dumping yard near human settlement, the Gadakhai pond in Boudh is a clear violation of the norms, the residents alleged.

With repeated complaints allegedly falling into deaf ears, the residents have threatened to launch agitation if the yard is not shifted soon, sources said.

On the other hand, the district Collector has promised to relocate the dumping yard outside the town.
Boudh Collector, Sitanshu Kumar Rout said “We are preparing another site for dumping waste and steps are being taken in this regard.”