Do’s and Don’ts For A Happy and Safe Diwali

With the festival of lights already at its zenith across Odisha and the country, people should ensure they take preventive measures so that they and their family have a happy and safest Diwali.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for each one of you to follow:


  • Buy good quality of decorative lights and tie it responsibly in your house, shops etc
  • Purchase fireworks only from legal manufacturers and read the instructions before bursting and playing with them
  • Burst firecrackers in open spaces and away from children and combustible materials
  • While bursting crackers or lighting diyas, wear cotton clothes or any material which won’t catch fire easily
  • Children should burn firecrackers under the supervision of elders. They should be taught about the harm the firecrackers can have on them, the animals and the environment
  • Ignite aerial fireworks in open spaces pointing upwards and away from you
  • Put burnt firecrackers into water or sand to ensure that they are no longer lit
  • Keep a first-aid kit handy in case of burn injuries. Your first-aid kit must contain burn dressings, burn gels, gauze bandages, tapes as well as ancillary equipment like gloves and scissors.
  • In case of any emergency, call fire safety services. Water and sand should also be kept handy to avoid fire mishaps


  • Electric lights should never be tied to any metal objects like poles as any leakage of current can energise the pole leading to mishaps
  • Do not leave candles and diyas unattended and a safe distance should be maintained from all such objects. They should not be lit around furnishings like curtains or any inflammable items
  • Do not wear synthetic clothes while burning fireworks. They catch fire easily
  • Don’t play with firecrackers near inflammable items. Keep your pets indoors and please do not throw crackers on stray animals
  • Avoid bursting firecrackers near houses, hospitals, educational institutions, courts and religious places
  • Do not hold firecrackers in your hand. Use a candle or a long stick to ignite firecrackers
  • Do not litter remnants of fireworks in open as they contain harmful chemicals which can be lethal for stray animals who might accidentally consume them
  • Avoid blasting high decibel firecrackers
Meanwhile, the Commissionerate Police has also appealed people to observe a green Diwali. The CP further issued safety guidelines with regard to bursting of firecrackers as per the directives of the Supreme Court.

According to the guidelines, residents of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack have been directed to burst firecrackers between 8 PM and 10 PM. Firecrackers with more than 125 decibels, China made garland crackers have been completely banned.