Doppler radars to be functional in 2 months

Bhubaneswar: Two Doppler radar centres, which are now at the completion stage at Gopalpur and Paradip, will start functioning within two months’ time. This was informed by director-general (DG) of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) L.S. Rathore here today.

Talking to the media after meeting chief secretary G.C. Pati at the secretariat, Rathore said, “We hope that these centres will be operational within two months. This will be helpful in prediction of cyclonic storms, thunderstorms, excessive rainfall and hailstorms, earlier than the traditional radars used till recently, with more accuracy.”

Official sources said till now, no Doppler radars were available for weather prediction in the State, and it was being done through traditional analogue radars which are currently functioning only at Bhubaneswar and Paradip.

Rathore said the Doppler radars would pinpoint the exact location where a cyclone will hit whereas the traditional analogue radars used for weather forecast are only able to roughly indicate the possible places where the cyclone may hit.

According to the IMD DG, the Doppler radars will also forecast volume of rainfall at a particular place at a given point of time.