Divine fragrance in Puri beach sand

Puri: With fragrance coming out of the sand at the beach near Balia panda here, numbers of people were witnessed carrying sand to their homes on Sunday.

The air filled with incense spread over the marine road made the tourists and people here astonished with devotional thoughts. Though the reason of the fragrance is yet to be verified, some believe that since it is the land of Lord Jagannath and the sea happens to be the father-in-law of Jagannath (as per the spiritual beliefs), the holy smell is coming out of the sand here.

“We were sitting at the beach and were surprised to find the air smelling. Then we went forward and saw that the sands over there smelled a great scent. We guess that since the sea is believed to be the father-in-law of Lord Jagannath it might have caused due to his blessings”, said a tourist. 

The air blowing in the south direction gives the tourists a great devotional feeling and visitors were spotted carrying plastic bags and other containers who came to the beach to take a sample of this special sand.

However, some believe that it might be a result of the blend of coal tar with the salt water of the sea and sand. Notably, many years ago, the sea waves have washed away the marine drive road into it and that might have caused the sand smell.

“Sea waves had washed away the coal tar particles of the marine drive road and with the blend of salt water and sand with it, it might have caused the fragrance”, said the Collector of Puri.