Demand for district status to Berhampur gathers steam

Berhampur: Amid ongoing protest for separation of Ganjam district and creation of a new Ghumusar state, demand for district status to Berhampur sub-division is also gathering steam.

Citing that the division of Ganjam will pave way for development and good governance in the region, the Swadeshi Jagaran Mancha, in a press meet today, demanded district status for Berhampur sub-division.

“Keeping in view the economical and industrial development of Berhampur, Swadeshi Jagaran Mancha demands district status for the sub-division,” said co-ordinator of the mancha, Prasanna Kumar Chhotray.

At present, Ganjam has 22 blocks and 18 NACs under its jurisdiction and is divided into four sub-divisions. Stating that Berhampur has a railway station, sea beach, university and is house to the 90-year-old Utkal Ashram, where the leaders of the Odia movement chalked out strategies for the formation of a separate state, the outfit said the sub-division has all the prerequisites to be a district.

“Despite having infrastructure, Berhampur is backward. If it gets district status, it will attract investments and ultimately there will be development,” said coordinator Sanjeev Patnaik.

The outfit also informed that campaigns will be launched to create awareness among the people.