Delhi-based builder offering flats in Puri charged with fraud

Bhubaneswar: Several people, who had invested their hard earned money to own a house are now a disgruntled lot as 10 years have elapsed and they are yet to get their promised flats.

According to sources, a company called Seven Hills Sands had offered to sell flats at Sipasarubali area in Puri some 10 years back. The Delhi-based organization lured more than 100 people into investing money in the project. Sources said Odisha, West-Bengal, Vishakhapatnam and even some non-resident Indians had reportedly invested money.

The duped investors under the aegis of The Seven Hills Flat Owners Association today held a press conference in Bhubaneswar and alleged that they have not received their flats even after 10 years.

President of the forum, Lalatendu Rath said that discussions were held with the promoter and Managing Director of the real estate company, Mutha Shankar Srinivas Rao, but it yielded no results.

“People like me who invested their pension and took loans are not getting any returns. We are totally disappointed,” said Lalatendu Rath, the association president.

The company officials could not be contacted for comments on the allegations raised by the association.