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Cynosure Of All Eyes, Odisha’s Pragyan Paramita Achieves Many Feats Blindfolded

Keonjhar: How often do we come across children who are blessed with rarest of the rare talents? Pragyan Paramita Mahanta, a 12-year-old girl from Keonjhar district has a knack of reading, writing, playing and even riding bicycle blindfolded. Sounds impossible, but true.

A Class VIII student of St Xavier’s School in Keonjhar, Pragyan has already completed the CBSE syllabus of Class X. She can even paint beautiful pictures blindfolded.

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All this wasn’t instantaneous though. She has achieved it through a specialised mid brain activation training. Midbrain activation is a pseudoscience that helps in the development of blind vision and increases concentration, and memory power.

“I can read, write, ride and memorise things with my eyes closed. I have completed the CBSE syllabuses of Class VIII, IX and X. I have learned many tricks from my sir in which he taught me the ways to complete the courses,” said the wonder girl.

Pragyan’s father Banabihari Mahanra said, “Professor Mahanta was giving her special mind training since last three years. The training increased her mind power which helped her in concentrating more. This also enabled her memorising many things in less time and now she has also started applying the skills in her practical life.”

Meanwhile, Pragyan’s classmates and teachers are hoping that with such unique skills, she can taste all success in her future.

“Pragyan is my classmate. She is different from other students of the school as she can read and write without looking at it. When we play hide and seek with her, she spots us in no time. I feel proud that she is my friend,” said her classmate, Soumya.

Pragyan’s school teacher Bikash Kumar Das said, “She is one of the blessed children of our school. I am confident that with the unique skills she will definitely earn fame for the country.”

Another girl from Bargarh in Odisha, Alisha Agarwal had become the talk of the town recently following media reports on her extra ordinary abilities to recognize everything effortlessly even with blindfolds. A Class III student of Vikash First Step School, Alisha lives with her parents and two siblings in an apartment at Kali Mandirapada in Bargarh Town. Her parents claimed that Alisha can easily write, recognise colors, alphabets, numbers and can also do other tasks that a person with blindfolds can never even think to attempt.

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