Curtains come down on Bargarh Dhanu Jatra with slaying of demon king Kansa

Bargarh: Curtains came down on the 11-day Dhanu Jatra, the world’s biggest open air theatre, with the slaying of demon king Kansa today. It was a grand spectacle for the devotees as they relived the legend in which Lord Krishna and Balaram bring the tyrannical reign of demon king Kansa in Mathura to an end.

The enactment of the Kansa’s slaying was much appreciated by the devotees who turned up in large numbers on the concluding day of the jatra today.

The festival is the enactment of the mythological Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay. While river Jeera in Bargarh had become river Yamuna during the Jatra, Amapali, located on the outskirts of the town, was transformed into Gopapura. Bargarh town was Mathura — the birthplace and homeland of Lord Krishna.

“It is one of the major attractions in Bargarh and locals actively take part in the celebrations. Every year, thousands of devotes from different parts of the State attend the festivities,” said a local resident.

Dhanu Jatra began on January 11 with the marriage of Devaki and Basudev. The day also marked the beginning of Kansa’s reign after Ugrasen’s defeat and subsequent imprisonment of Devaki & Basudev.