Culture of innovation at RSP Engineering Shops

Bhubaneswar: Engineering Shops collective of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has become instrumental in creating a culture of innovation and optimisation by putting up an exemplary performance in the last financial year.
The collective carried out many innovative jobs and fabricated many parts using in-house resources leading to a saving to the tune of crores of rupees for the plant.
It is noteworthy that during 2012-13 the department developed more than 60 high value items which led to savings in the cash outflow to the tune of about worth Rs 29 crores, RSP sources said today.
Development of 2 scrap boxes for the modernisation and expansion resulted in a saving of Rs 58 lakhs, while the fabrication of 2 scrap car frames, 2 Slag car frames, 1 Steel car frame and 2 scrap car bogies carried out for the modernisation units, helped the Plant accrue savings to the tune of Rs 417 lakhs, they said.
One of the major achievements of the Shops collective include the development of a L.D vessel and Trunion which had a total worth of Rs.5 Crores. The department also contributed significantly by making two lifting beam frames worth Rs 1.2 crores for the Crane Maintenance department and five F2-F6 Adapters for HSM worth Rs. 60 lakhs.
The unit again showcased its potential by developing a primary mixing drum worth Rs 2 crores for Sinter Plant-I. By developing three 30 Cubic metre scrap Boxes for SMS-II (Opn) worth of Rs.87 lakh, 6 Crown gears for Silicon Steel Mill worth Rs 30 lakh and other similar innovative jobs employees of the Shop complex exhibited their commitment and dedication.