CSE level laparoscopic surgery successfully conducted at CHC in Bhadrak

Bhadrak: A community health centre (CHC) in Bhadrak has set a benchmark by becoming the first such centre in Odisha to successfully perform a CSE-level laparoscopic surgery.

As per the reports, a team comprising medical officer Jyotirmay Nayak and junior doctors of the CHC in Dhamnagar Block achieved this feat after successfully operating three persons suffering from appendicitis and tumour.

“CSE level laparoscopic surgery is a complex operation and we have executed this surgery at a government health centre which is probably the first time in Odisha,” said in-charge Medical Officer, Jyotirmay Nayak. “Our medical team had 7-8 junior doctors and nurses and with teamwork we successfully operated the patients,” Nayak added.

Locals have praised and welcomed the success of the entire team involved in the operation.