Crisis doubles as extreme heatwave meets absence of water

Bhubaneswar: This summer, there is no respite for people from scorching heat wave; as the crisis is doubled in the absence of sufficient drinking water in many parts of the state. 

On Thursday the coal town of Talcher recorded 45.5 degrees Celsius – the highest in the state, while most of the interior districts recorded above 41 degrees Celsius temperature.

Since last five days in Anugul and Talcher, the temperature has not gone below 44 degrees. While Talcher recorded 45.5degrees celsius temperature on Thursday, it continued at 45 degrees on Friday. And Anugul registered the temperature of 44 degrees celsius. 

Even the city capital – Bhubaneswar recorded 40.5 degrees celsius at 12 PM on Friday. For Titlagarh which is home to the extreme heat wave every summer; this year is no exception. 

While sweltering heat tightens its grip; in many parts of the state the plight of the people is triggered by the absence of adequate dinking water. People standing in a long queue before a tanker has become a common sight everywhere. In some areas, people are left with no option except traveling long distance to collect minimum water for their survival.