Concerns raised over unfenced power transformers in Sambalpur

Sambalpur: Barring a few places, most of the power transformers in Sambalpur city are unsecured posing a serious threat to the lives of people.

Dhanupalli chhak is one of the most crowded places in the city but a transformer nearby the market is unsecured without any boundary wall around it.

As per reports, stray cattle and dogs have died after coming in contact with it several times in the past but the local authorities have allegedly not taken any steps.

This is not an isolated case. At many places, transformers are installed at low heights with loose wires dangling from them while the surroundings are unkempt.

There are several places like Dhanupalli, Gobindtalla, Phatak, Cheruapadam where exposed transformers pose a serious threat.

In most of the places, such transformers have been installed nearby public places like roadside, schools and markets.

While locals blame the concerned authorities’ apathy for poor maintance of the transformers, the latter have assured to make arrangements to ensure transformers are safely secured.

“One can easily ascertain the WESCO’s apathy from the condition of the electric transformers throughout the city. The administration has never cared enough to ensure safety leading to accidents on a regular basis,” said a local resident, Manas Bakshi.

However, WESCO Executive Engineer, Sanjeet Nayak said “We have already fenced many transformers and in the near future we will complete fencing and if necessary boundary walls around the transformers will be constructed.”