Coast Guard conducts security exercise

Bhubaneswar: To test the security system during any infiltration bid, a coastal security exercise ‘Hamla’ was conducted in Odisha and West Bengal, officials said today.

Besides the Indian Coast Guard, the two-day exercise from May 11 had the active participation of all agencies such as Indian Navy, Coastal Police, State administration, State police, Fisheries department and others of the respective States.

During the ‘Hamla’ exercise, participating units were formed into two groups with one group simulating as an attack force and the other group defending the coasts.

Maximum coastal security assets consisting of two Naval ships, one Naval aircraft, 10 Coast Guard ships, two Coast Guard aircrafts, boats of the Coastal Police, Customs, CISF were deployed for carrying out comprehensive surveillance of the coastal waters of Odisha and West Bengal to prevent infiltration bids.

The Coast Guard operation centres were also manned by representatives of coastal security stakeholders during the exercise.

“This exercise is held periodically to test the security apparatus along the coast and to revalidate the standard operating procedures, with a focus on protecting the vital installations located along the coast of Odisha and West Bengal,” a Defence spokesperson said.